Vulnerability- Healthy or Not?

Over time, this topic of vulnerability has kept on coming to mind. I personally do not think I understand what it means as I find it hard to be vulnerable. I know! I know!! It's bad. Don’t criticize me yet! Only if you can help me. 
But seriously, how can we address this issue? A lot of relationships fail because of this reason, some have bigger issues. I know but how can we learn to be vulnerable with our emotions? 
Oh, this is not about loving, some of us love easily. Let’s not play the heartbreak card either. There has to be another reason. Why do we find it hard to just get to that level of easiness.
I read it could be due to the fear of dependence. Well, for me that could be it, but for other what is the reason? 
Being vulnerable they say is about being honest about what we feel, our fears, our weaknesses, what we need or even asking for what we need. Most times being honest isn’t the problem, saying it is the problem.
We are usually honest with ourselves and to ourselves, only fo…

What Do You Think Of Business Cultures In Nigeria? - #NaTheWorkThemDeyDo?

It's been a great month so far. I trust it has been the same for you.
Today we shall discuss basic etiquette for SMEs.
Some businesses and organizations have some staff who are simply clueless. Sometimes it is the business owner who is the clueless one.

Basic mannerisms are essential to the growth and sustenance of any business. It starts with saying the basic words (Please, Excuse me, We apologize, Thank you)
This lack of etiquette business runs everywhere but it is, unfortunately, more common with the growing firms. You probably can't think of any way you have been ruining your business unconsciously with the lack of courtesy.
How about the person who makes an appointment with you, gets there on time while you stroll in an hour later even 10 minutes late without an apology whatsoever,  or an individual talking about ridiculous things (Underwear) with a colleague which could be discussed later right in front a customer who is being attended to? Wait! How about that tailor that…

Unanxious and Faithful-Life has got nothing on you!πŸ‘‡

Hello guys, asides recession, and other things, I hope the year has been a great one for us so far. And I hope we have been practicing lessons learned from past blog posts.

In the midst of the downturn of events, however, I would like to share with you a bible passage recently shared by a friend. Proverbs 28:20 which says "A faithful man will abound with blessings, but he who hastens to be rich will not go unpunished".

It is very easy to get sad, disappointed and frustrated when we look or dwell on the happenings around us. One thing we must note however is; It was once worse than it is now and guess what? You're here; You survived.

It is also easy to think you are the only one who has got problems or going through tough times. We judge people by the surface. By the smiles they have been trained to wear; the well-ironed shirts and dresses they just have to show since "Your dressing determines how you would be addressed". You would be befuddled at the kind of prob…

Dealing With Fear and Failure

One cold but sunny afternoon, I had an experience which made me realize certain lessons about life. 
Who knows? Maybe the weather had an effect. It could have, right?  I had been preparing for this thing for a long time. I had little doubts it would turn out bad. Even with the positive energy, there is always that tiny little bit of uncertainty right? I had to be strong. That’s the only way to overcome fear. Be sure of why i wanted this. Definiteness of Purpose! Well, that’s what the Devil has said in a book I read.  “You would come out great,” I told myself. I allowed myself breathe, and went ahead. 

The darndest things happened. Oh my! I panicked.. Have you panicked recently. Maybe you have forgotten what it feels like. I can tell you sometime. I haven’t panicked in a while but here I was panicking. Okay, this is real.… I PANICKED! What???

Did We Stop Caring About Who We Are?

Kindness is a spice of life, it is something everyone desires.  We all desire to be shown acts of love especially when we are in dire need of it. Imagine the joy that will radiate over a young child's face, knowing fully well that his school fees just got paid. The greater the lack, the more the kindness is appreciated.  Not just anyone can suddenly care about another person. Although good is in us all, it is pretty tough to give out good all the time. Except, of course, it is in one's character to do so.
Have you even noticed that the word character is getting used less by the day? You hear more words like 'profile' in our time, and it is simply because that is what is receiving more attention. A lot of detail is paid to perception than reality, hence many of the results we see today. In our time the way you are perceived online is more important than who you really are, and this, in turn, affects the attention the real you gets. A lot of people are walking around wi…

Your Words And Their Effect On Social Media - πŸ‘‡

Hello guys. Trust the year has been favorable thus far...I just needed to remind us of some things.✋πŸ˜‘
I have seen so many things on social media and I have seriously wondered how people sleep with the kind of ridiculous comments they make.
This is not a post to support celebrities, famous people or anything. It's for us as individuals to take a look at our respective lives and as the Bible says; start taming our tongue.

These people who are well known can't live their lives in peace. Have you thought about yourself? Well That's if you intend to ever be so successful that people around the world would recognize you in whatever field you find yourself... Have you thought about how well you would accommodate the level of insults you dish out to others? Are you sure you wouldn't get some level of low self esteem with just "one" hateful comment.

How awesome you have been.. Do you want to know?? Check Here!

Hi Guys...

Today I want to sincerely tell you how much I appreciate you...It has been AWESOME serving you!

It's a beautiful day and I know you all will enjoy yourselves with or without meπŸ˜žπŸ˜ŸπŸ’”
Anywayyy, have some Nigerian Wollof, give some gifts and love everyone.

You know what you should also do?

Sow a seed into your future today...
Think about where you want to celebrate Christmas next year?
Think about where you see yourself this time next year??

Am I being too serious?? I don't think so... I think we should make the plans now even while playing..

I think it's high time we start taking control of our lives and as I said in my last post we should speak into our future daily... in case you missed it, click Here

The youth of this generation put so much to having fun and saying so many irrelevant things without understanding the impact of what is being said.

Happy Holidays to you all... I am expecting MY rice and turkey please... I don't like chicken..😜

Thank you…