Interview with the CEO of Troy's shoe factory

Here is to present to you a new and young entrepreneur, the CEO of Troy's shoe factory. In an interview with Davitz Inc, here are some few things we should know about him. He spoke to us about his believe that every good idea is spontaneous and how the business came into existence
Davitz: Good afternoon Mr Troy

Troy: Good afternoon ma’am

Davitz: How has business been so far in this yuletide season.

Troy: Its been good, we thank God.

Davitz: can you tell us your real name?

Troy:my real name is Olateju Olanrewaju.

Davitz; Nice name *smiles. So can you tell us about you?

Lanre: Well I’m Lanre by name, I have a Diploma in Marine science from University Of Lagos which I finished in 2007 and I’m also a graduate of JABU (Joseph Ayo Babalola University). I studied microbiology in JABU and graduated this year but I started the shoe making business in 2010

Davitz: Woow. You studied microbiology! That’s cool. So what made you go into the shoe making business?

Lanre: I used to work as a traveling agent but then I got tired of working for people and decided to be on my own. My drive to become my own boss. It’s my passion. I used to design my shoes when I was in school and my friends used to say I had great talents in shoe designing and structures and you know I got excited.When I go shopping I always have a picture of what I want to get in my head and most times I end up settling 4 less. Basically those are some of the reasons.

Davitz: So how did you come about the name Troy?

Lanre: I have a nickname called Troy which was given to me in school by friends. When I was going to start the business I felt Troy was a suitable name which goes with the brand.

Davitz: Did you have any form of training before starting?

Lanre: Yes I did. I started learning more when I started the business.

Davitz: So where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Lanre: well in 5 years, I see myself as a first choice brand in Nigeria. A trusted shoe brand for both the elite and average Nigerian while making giant strides to break into the international market.
Davitz: when people see your shoes or products what do you want them to think of?

Lanre: Quality and Unique.

Davitz: so how can people reach you?

Lanre: you could call me on 08057199717 or follow me on twitter @Troyshoefactory.

Davitz: Great. It’s been great talking to you Mr Olateju Olanrewaju. We do pray you achieve all your goals with the help of God.

Lanre: Thank you and a very big Amen to that.

Davitz: do have a lovely day sir

Lanre: you too ma’am *smiles


Anonymous said…
Mr Troy goin places! :)
Anonymous said…
God Bless you more Mr troy
Anonymous said…
May alimghty God bless ur effort
Anonymous said…

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