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5 Simple ways to keep Your Mind Sharp.

The importance of keeping your mind sharp cannot be overstated.Keeping your mind sharp is sure to give you the edge over the competition, and more importantly lead to your own higher levels of happiness. When your mind is in top shape, you will: Have greater motivation and focusGet more doneCome up with more creative ideasFind inspiration more oftenRemember moreExperience a better life I’d like to share a few practices I’ve found are extremely beneficial in keeping my mind sharp and can help you as well: 1)Continue reading, absorbing knowledge and experiencing culture
Sorry to use a clich├ęd quote, but education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.It should be something pleasurable and done for intrinsic reasons above all else.Read blogs on subjects both within your field and in new fields you know nothing about; read books; watch lectures on fascinating new subjects; read about ancient societies; take in a new form of art you’ve never…