Send Messages For FREE (Business Owners)------See How

Alternative marketing tool for business owners.
I would like to teach you how to extract all your blackberry pins from your phone for the purpose of marketing. This write up would be very useful for small and big business owners in Nigeria Apart from it helping you engage your customers more, its FREE!!. Imagine you advertising to 100,000 pins for free! It’s just like sending 100,000 SMS or email to Nigerians for free!
Have you also noticed that brands such CoolFM, Domino, Debonair...etc have started connecting with people on blackberry and very soon when Android phones have the BBM the community will be larger and they afford to have a huge fan base!
I am telling you I am convinced that just the way businesses were forced to have Facebook and Twitter accounts; no business will make sense without a blackberry follower.
Back to the matter!

The path to where BlackBerry stores all its pin, this path varies; this depends on whether or not the phone has a memory stick.

1. Connect your Blackberry device to your System
2. Double click on your 'Memory stick' or your 'BlackBerry
3. Click on Home
4. Then Click on User
5. Then Click on IM
6. Click on BlackBerry Messenger
7. Open the PIN file(s) there
8. Click on History
9. Select all the excel file and Right Click
Select "Send to, then click on 'Mail recipient".
You can then copy all the pins in a notepad, send the notepad to your phone and start sending pin messages with the BetaPin Blaster.
(If you don't have a memory stick, click on your BlackBerry memory and follow the path)
To download the application that will help you send your messages/campaign please go to

Pin Blaster allows you send unlimited character messages from your Blackberry
phone to Blackberry users via PINS for FREE!