CHANGE WE VOTED IN; Buhari, Change Mantra and the many definitions

Everyone is talking about change, especially in this current situation we have found ourselves as a nation. As expected, everyone is pointing fingers at the President. We expect him in one fell swoop to clean the mess of misrule and mismanagement of our national resources, that has accumulated over the past years . We expect that with the wave of a magic wand, everything will be alright. Our homes will be lit, our vehicles will have gas, our youths will be employed, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, just like Kachikwu, Buhari is not a magician. He needs time. Time that we all have to borrow.

As a nation, the question of what we want/need is seriously begging for an answer. Nigeria currently is like a collapsed construction site. We have two choices, remove the rubbles and begin construction immediately, or remove the rubbles, invite the experts to inspect the building and its foundations for structural integrity, understand why the building collapsed in the first place, review the construction process, fix the issue, then commence building again. Option 2 will take time, but there is every likelihood that with option 1, the building will collapse again. Because of "time", we have used option 1 again and again, and we have returned to square 1 each time. What do we really want?

I was in several filling stations during this recent fuel crisis, and in several fuel stations, the products were being sold at prices above the regulated price. One thing that baffled me though was, everyone of these stations had fuel to sell, yet there was scarcity. It's tough for me to phantom this possibility but it was real. Looking at the fuel situation critically, it will take a supply chain process straight out of Japan to seamlessly meet the energy demand of a nation of over 160 million people. We need refineries, and we need them now.
I might not like everyone be quick to throw blames at our leaders, because I believe the change Agenda of the APC can only be achieved through us. We are the beginning of our problems in this nation and to get the nation to be a better state, we must begin to take responsibility for our actions.
Put God first, stop corruption even from our homes, and help persecute corrupt officials. Let’s not ignore them. Remember Buhari or Osinbajo wouldn’t see all the wrongs done by the police men, Frsc officials, ministry workers etc.. They need us as much as we need them.

Thank you and God bless.

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Written; Omotoso Opeyemi


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