Been a long time i posted anything or did anything on here...
I'm really sorry.....Things would get better!.

Just been thinking for a while and had the urge to share..

We cry so much as children hoping to grow up faster.. We get out of school to look for Jobs. We take up jobs we hate in the name of "It pays the bills" and find it so difficult to go out of it.

We get so comfortable with the monthly salary alerts we get we forget to strive to achieve our dreams. We sit around and whinge about how much we hate the job we have without actually doing anything about it.

Few years down the line we are still doing that job we hate because we never took the step

This post is not for those who love their jobs or are satisfied with their position.
This is for those who believe they can be better.
This is for those who believe they can contribute to the growth and development of Nigeria with/without Buhari.
This is for those who are interested in creating Jobs, going for meetings for their own businesses,
Discussing ideas with fellow entrepreneurs,getting smarter, learning new stuff,  making their own money without people cursing you for no just cause

P.S; The insults would always come. When they come, you know you deserve it or it's a step to get better.

The Foreign country we all speak about today do not all depend on the already established companies. They create new ones.

How old are you? How much can you boast of? Are you proud of your position? Would you be better off if you were on your own? Would your business have grown if you weren't procastinating?
Take a bold step today.

Let's take charge! We have the power to and God would in his infinite mercies help us.


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Anonymous said…
Well said Sey
T said…
Inspiring Seyitan. I hope to see more of this
Anonymous said…
Its jst a factor of nigeria
But u got that spotted on.