Hold On To that Dream- You can achieve ANYTHING!- MUST READ

Hello folks... hope you are having a good weekend?? The owambe's? The ladies that want to meet boyfren and the guys looking for wife material  (1000 yards)...Lol..

Anyway today i'm just going to drop a little word of encouragement.

Most of you see other's doing things, doing great and you get mad at yourselves. You have become so obsessed with the social media "filter life", you start to think you are not doing well enough, you're are not smart enough. Let me let you know something! You are doing just fine! You're going at your pace. It's okay not to know what you want.. Be however sure to know what you do not want. 
You would make it and you would be great. We go through tough times daily...but we survive because there is no battle you are facing that you cannot handle. Remember God would never give you a battle you cannot fight. 

We Africans put so much sentiment to things. E.g if I tell someone about my plans it might not come through because they are hating..........That i tell you is spurious.. When it doesn't come through you start wishing you never told anyone.. Sigh! It didn't happen for so many reasons! " Maybe it wasn't time, you couldn't handle it, God didn't want it to happen... whatever! "
Do you remember Joseph in the bible? Did he tell people his plans? Did they hate or not? You know what happened? He still achieved his dreams not because he did anything extra-ordinary but because when God has a plan for you it will definitely come to pass... It may delay... you may feel left out but trust me when I say as long as you stick with God whom never fails, you would do great and be the envy of others!.

God like i always say to any one who cares to listen is my secret. I'm not perfect but I trust God. I do my best, and let God handle the rest for me.

I wish you a great great week filled with abundant grace and favor. 


Lopemi said…
Sometimes, I wonder if I know what I really want, and I feel I should have gone past a stage... But I look up to God, as He makes all things beautiful in His own time... Thanks for this lovely piece, Seyi. Well said.
Rita Etuk said…
Thank you for this Seyitan...
Thanks for the message seyi.
Thanks for the message seyi.
Anonymous said…
Seyitan i'm inspired by this piece. Most of the time we chase success for the wrong reasons, and put ourselves under undue pressure. I'm sure this write up of yours will encourage a lot of people to keep faith in God, through whom we can do all things, and also maintain an eagle eye focus on their own goals rather than looking sideways at achievement of peers. Great piece. I am Farah.
Wow actually cool the truth is that there is time and season for everything but we so hurriedly try to be like our neighbours brothers and sister but we are all gifted in several capability and the capacity to expand our level of influence,be it socially,spiritually or otherwise gives room for competition amongs our peers and colleagues .so getting high as u said with Joseph took God grace. So nice one sheyi.in this time we live in we nid to pray praise and work and take use of every opportunity that seems right. And am sure He would do it in its time ..am a twin taiwo and kenny destiny are not always the same tho the came out with same upbringing.cheers to you all.
Anonymous said…
Truly inspiring.

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