The Problem of Nigeria... WE or the Government? Who is to blame

Hello Guys, Today i'm going to vent for some Nigerians. Walahi i'm tired!.
Ever wondered why private organizations do so well and govt org's don't? Simple- Discipline. Working with a target, Mystery shopping- Let them know anyone can come and check them at anytime without notice and they can loose their job if found wanting. Keep them on their toes.
Buhari isn't your problem Nigerians! You are. By not being disciplined, you drag everyone down even the nation! Funny thing is when our Naija people get to other countries they would be forming civilized! Taah...come and practice it in your own land
What happened you might ask.

So I wanted to do this NIMC thing just to fulfill all righteousness.
I left the comfort of my house at Gbagada to Ikeja to get it done with the assumption that all is well in Nigeria.

I entered the NSCDC building. An official very nicely directed me. Got to the enrollment center and one oga in a white shirt said
" ehn ehn what do you want to do" - *Courtesy???
I replied- I'll like to register for the new national ID card.
Rep- Okay where do you stay? -
Me- Anthony gbagada axis.
Rep- **Points hand look at that place and check for the closest location to your area so you can register there
Me-Why not here?
Rep-**We are not working today** Not we are currently having issues with our blah and it's been worked on..( Shows the level of joy he derived from not working)
A lot of people complaining.
I walked away. It dawned on me i had not asked what the issue is/was..

I went back and said "sorry can i know what exactly the issue is".. Looking at me with disgust the guy said there is no light.. i smiled, said okay No generator or alternative?... he said * had the guts to say no diesel** On a monday morning??? What happened to diesel never finishing/provision/inverter"?? You have been at work since 7 or what and that issue could not be fixed at 10.38am?

Then one person said shebi you people voted change? Damn i was livid! I said Buhari is not your problem you are. It's not every thing the govt would do for you.
I left ...still angry and went to Yaba- Unilag.

 @ Yaba- I entered the building... was happy that at least they had light.
There was a rep talking to people. He asked the guy that had just come in for his card wahala if he had data on his phone as there's no network. He asked if he could share as that's the only way he could be attended to.

I kept quiet just observing.  He then asked me what I wanted to do. I told him, he asked what supporting document I have, told him, he said okay... go and pre-register online.
Last I checked that is -Optional!
I smiled. A guy trying to be nice was telling me where a cafe is... lol. I asked a question- What if I am illiterate? What exactly is he paid to do? With no justification the guy said but you know this is Nigeria... People trying to make me understand that since it's Nigeria, things cannot be done right.
Then a man worsened it and said it's network na. no be change we vote in. I allowed the youths talk for me. Na buhari dey control network?

Can ya'll take a chill pill.
I'm tired of listening to people play the blame card daily.
Have you taken a look at yourself? Are you doing things right.
From throwing dirt on the road/in the drainage/ to bribing those corrupt policemen/ begging people for your right?etc

Honestly most of these government worker's need to be reviewed.
They constitute Nigeria's major problem.
I'm a Nigerian and very proud to be one but some/most of our Nigerians make things worse! And it's best we actually CHANGE. I'm not saying the government doesn't have a part to play.. but are we helping them play their part?


Anonymous said…
Buhari is the problem. ..

Alagbara 1
Lol Very funny you make sense am short of words...pls just bear with our governments afi suru but i pray we get out of these soon,but wetin buhari do ooo d government have been handicap like forever but lets hope for the best
Nice. Finally someone said it!!!!

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