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How awesome you have been.. Do you want to know?? Check Here!

Hi Guys...

Today I want to sincerely tell you how much I appreciate you...It has been AWESOME serving you!

It's a beautiful day and I know you all will enjoy yourselves with or without meπŸ˜žπŸ˜ŸπŸ’”
Anywayyy, have some Nigerian Wollof, give some gifts and love everyone.

You know what you should also do?

Sow a seed into your future today...
Think about where you want to celebrate Christmas next year?
Think about where you see yourself this time next year??

Am I being too serious?? I don't think so... I think we should make the plans now even while playing..

I think it's high time we start taking control of our lives and as I said in my last post we should speak into our future daily... in case you missed it, click Here

The youth of this generation put so much to having fun and saying so many irrelevant things without understanding the impact of what is being said.

Happy Holidays to you all... I am expecting MY rice and turkey please... I don't like chicken..😜

Thank you…


Hello guys.... been a minute and a day more.. How are ya'all dealing with the Frozen scheme πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œ


During the just concluded  RCCG congress which i partook majorly on You-tube, I realized how we as individuals only get positive in church or when things are going good... At some point during the service there were IT glitches where the audio and or the video went out. At those several points, people were "Speaking Positively/Declaring to the technical team for the grace to restore it and all of that..

I immediately related this to our Individual lives and of course Nigeria; the Negativity we put into everything is appalling. The things we say about our selves and our leaders. I can imagine if it was a colleague, friend or family that made a mistake...what would we say?- "ode leleyi sha" English- This one is a fool.

Now... At any point when things go wrong in your life... what do you say? " Oh God why? can things ever be better? Oh shoot must I always g…