Hello guys.... been a minute and a day more.. How are ya'all dealing with the Frozen scheme πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œ


During the just concluded  RCCG congress which i partook majorly on You-tube, I realized how we as individuals only get positive in church or when things are going good... At some point during the service there were IT glitches where the audio and or the video went out. At those several points, people were "Speaking Positively/Declaring to the technical team for the grace to restore it and all of that..

I immediately related this to our Individual lives and of course Nigeria; the Negativity we put into everything is appalling. The things we say about our selves and our leaders. I can imagine if it was a colleague, friend or family that made a mistake...what would we say?- "ode leleyi sha" English- This one is a fool.

Now... At any point when things go wrong in your life... what do you say? " Oh God why? can things ever be better? Oh shoot must I always get everything wrong?"etc...

You know what that actually does? It brings you down.. It gets you to think you are not better than your friend who is doing so much better.
When things go wrong, have you tried - " I am successful, I am outstanding, Oh I'm much better than this anyway, I'm going to do great at the next attempt..."It is well" (This is the easiest of it all!). That simple line I tell you can save the day.
There was a time I had a heavy heart for a reason I just couldn't fathom.. all I said at every time was "it is well" and everything was fine.
This also applies to Nigeria.. When things are going wrong..what do we say? "What a Messed up Leader, Buhari is this, Osibajo is that.. Nigeria is the worst, Blah blah"
Have you considered saying " It is well with Nigeria, Nigeria is the best among the rest, may God give the Leaders the wisdom they need"etc.

My point in summary is; be positive at all times.. speak into your future, the kind of man you wantπŸ˜‰, the kind of woman you want, the kind of children you want, when you want to be a billionaire, when you want to be successful, married, how close you want to be with God..

Action point- Set a reminder daily. every morning.. speak into your future and your day and see things work out for the best.

Thank me laterπŸ˜™πŸ˜˜

Speak it, believe it, work towards it and it would manifest.

Thank you for reading...

Love you.


Anonymous said…
Goodwrite up...��
Rita Etuk said…
Amazing!!! Thank you Seyitan.
Cool, inspirational driven more Grace

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