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Did We Stop Caring About Who We Are?

Kindness is a spice of life, it is something everyone desires.  We all desire to be shown acts of love especially when we are in dire need of it. Imagine the joy that will radiate over a young child's face, knowing fully well that his school fees just got paid. The greater the lack, the more the kindness is appreciated.  Not just anyone can suddenly care about another person. Although good is in us all, it is pretty tough to give out good all the time. Except, of course, it is in one's character to do so.
Have you even noticed that the word character is getting used less by the day? You hear more words like 'profile' in our time, and it is simply because that is what is receiving more attention. A lot of detail is paid to perception than reality, hence many of the results we see today. In our time the way you are perceived online is more important than who you really are, and this, in turn, affects the attention the real you gets. A lot of people are walking around wi…

Your Words And Their Effect On Social Media - 👇

Hello guys. Trust the year has been favorable thus far...I just needed to remind us of some things.✋😑
I have seen so many things on social media and I have seriously wondered how people sleep with the kind of ridiculous comments they make.
This is not a post to support celebrities, famous people or anything. It's for us as individuals to take a look at our respective lives and as the Bible says; start taming our tongue.

These people who are well known can't live their lives in peace. Have you thought about yourself? Well That's if you intend to ever be so successful that people around the world would recognize you in whatever field you find yourself... Have you thought about how well you would accommodate the level of insults you dish out to others? Are you sure you wouldn't get some level of low self esteem with just "one" hateful comment.