Did We Stop Caring About Who We Are?

Kindness is a spice of life, it is something everyone desires.  We all desire to be shown acts of love especially when we are in dire need of it. Imagine the joy that will radiate over a young child's face, knowing fully well that his school fees just got paid. The greater the lack, the more the kindness is appreciated.  Not just anyone can suddenly care about another person. Although good is in us all, it is pretty tough to give out good all the time. Except, of course, it is in one's character to do so.

Have you even noticed that the word character is getting used less by the day? You hear more words like 'profile' in our time, and it is simply because that is what is receiving more attention. A lot of detail is paid to perception than reality, hence many of the results we see today.
In our time the way you are perceived online is more important than who you really are, and this, in turn, affects the attention the real you gets. A lot of people are walking around with heavy hearts that lack a lot of knowledge, they need attention and care but have social media profiles that show happiness and nice quotes.

A great character is not developed in one day! You can't continue being incapable of dealing with life's issues, fail at it daily and do nothing about it. There is a huge need for character development in our time, it needs to be said and emphasized time and time again.

It must begin with you developing your personality, your person. It's all about what you are made up of. Your personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form your distinctive character.

Your character can be defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to who you are. This is simply saying your personality shapes your character.
The question is "Who are you?"

We all seek to be better and we have a right to, but the issue is that most of us have given up on ourselves forgetting that who we are has a ripple effect on what we give out. The situation of things in our country is not based on the government or any faction. You and I are the ones in these organization and in government. Even if we are not directly involved in government, we probably know people that have positions there. The government is full of people that are as human as the people in the organization you work in and the society you are a part of.

We are responsible for the results we see, we the people are to blame for the status of our country. We voted human beings like us into government to uphold the law and seek to move us forward as a nation. The domino effect of constantly choosing leaders who lack the depth of character and wisdom is what has got us where we are today as a nation.

But if you ask most of these leaders, they will tell you that they never expected to be leading in government many years before they got access. Could it be that leadership met them unexpected? Could it be that leadership could be thrust at anyone? Does this signal that we all should be prepared regardless of whether or not we are certain that we could lead this nation tomorrow in whatever capacity? I believe we should.

You must begin work on your personality, character and your value system, leave nothing to chance. You could be the one in a great position to cause a change tomorrow, the question is "Would you be ready then because you began preparing now?" Hopefully, your answer will be YES! If we stop caring about who we are, we are directly affecting what our future will be.

Don't wait any longer, NOW is the time to do what needs to be done. 

By Victory Odunjo
Writer at The Victory Path Blog

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