Your Words And Their Effect On Social Media - 👇

Hello guys. Trust the year has been favorable thus far...I just needed to remind us of some things.✋😑
I have seen so many things on social media and I have seriously wondered how people sleep with the kind of ridiculous comments they make.
This is not a post to support celebrities, famous people or anything. It's for us as individuals to take a look at our respective lives and as the Bible says; start taming our tongue.

These people who are well known can't live their lives in peace. Have you thought about yourself? Well That's if you intend to ever be so successful that people around the world would recognize you in whatever field you find yourself... Have you thought about how well you would accommodate the level of insults you dish out to others? Are you sure you wouldn't get some level of low self esteem with just "one" hateful comment.

Can you take half of the things they receive? You say they set themselves up for it? Guess what? No they didn't. They are doing their job. They are trying to survive. Ya'll just have funny reasoning. Do you think every of the picture you place on social media is fine.... Lool! NO...People just choose to be quiet. The ones that would give the bad comments are probably your close friends whom you would assume they are joking.

Think about it for a second. Can you take half of what you do to others? You honestly do not always have to talk when you know you have nothing good to offer. Swallow your thought if it's negative.

Those guys are like you and I trying to make ends meet. They are human. Think about how much you can take. They are allowed to do whatever they want. Just Don't be Negative.

You hear people talking about suicide these days. Depression, Low self esteem etc... Would you be happy to hear it's one of your hateful comment that caused it?

If you don't know.. some of ya'll are one of the causes of  broken marriages. Just because you do not mind your business.
Use that mouth; that data, that platform of yours for something more productive darling. I hope you can change the world one comment at a time.

Have you noticed how people run their mouth of social media, not caring how the person would feel afterward?
What do you think of it? Please drop a comment.

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Riri said…
This came at the right time.
I stopped visiting some blogs cos of the kind of insults faceless people rain on people like themselves.
The sad thing is, they won't stop. Some people just love to put others down. Thank you Seyitan.
Victory Odunjo said…
I think people are just craay really.. I am amazed sometimes at what I see but then nothing should be taken personally. Anyone that truly desires to be lead and be well known must be ready for those sort of words. Social media has brought this anonymous thing to our lives, that we do things and don't think of the after effect. Great post!
hassan banire said…
It's a fact of life, some people would scoop down to any level just to get that paper. It's amazing how so called role-models go on in music videos and yet they demand our respect. I'm not saying names but this way of life that some people have adopted only makes them feel ten times worse. And it's all done in the name of entertainment.

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