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Dealing With Fear and Failure

One cold but sunny afternoon, I had an experience which made me realize certain lessons about life. 
Who knows? Maybe the weather had an effect. It could have, right?  I had been preparing for this thing for a long time. I had little doubts it would turn out bad. Even with the positive energy, there is always that tiny little bit of uncertainty right? I had to be strong. That’s the only way to overcome fear. Be sure of why i wanted this. Definiteness of Purpose! Well, that’s what the Devil has said in a book I read.  “You would come out great,” I told myself. I allowed myself breathe, and went ahead. 

The darndest things happened. Oh my! I panicked.. Have you panicked recently. Maybe you have forgotten what it feels like. I can tell you sometime. I haven’t panicked in a while but here I was panicking. Okay, this is real.… I PANICKED! What???