Dealing With Fear and Failure

One cold but sunny afternoon, I had an experience which made me realize certain lessons about life. 

Who knows? Maybe the weather had an effect. It could have, right?  I had been preparing for this thing for a long time. I had little doubts it would turn out bad. Even with the positive energy, there is always that tiny little bit of uncertainty right? I had to be strong. That’s the only way to overcome fear. Be sure of why i wanted this. Definiteness of Purpose! Well, that’s what the Devil has said in a book I read. 
“You would come out great,” I told myself. I allowed myself breathe, and went ahead. 

The darndest things happened. Oh my! I panicked.. Have you panicked recently. Maybe you have forgotten what it feels like. I can tell you sometime. I haven’t panicked in a while but here I was panicking. Okay, this is real.… I PANICKED! What???

Let me stop being dramatic.. Lol… I managed to get out of it. I didn’t have a choice did I? It was finally over. Did me panicking have an effect? Of course it did. Oh well, I didn’t come out the way I wanted it but I learned a lesson. 

As the madam that likes to learn.I learned- for starters, not everything is for you. Not everything should go as you have planned. Some things are just God's way of saying "I have a better way for this to happen. Just allow me. Stop trying too hard". 

I know some of you can relate. It can be devastating; spending your days and night trying to achieve something and it just doesn't come out as planned. When you try to make Jollof and it just comes out like concoction after using the right ingredients and timing?
Well, I should also let you know that being unsure of what the result would be, isn't a reason to put in efforts less than your best. Guess what; whether it comes out good or not, Life goes on. 

Has anyone ever realized we don't seem to remember after a while the things we worried about? We only pick up the lessons. You getting stuck on your debacles and disappointments would not make a difference. Pick up a lesson from it, avoid being crestfallen and trust yourself to come out stronger. 
While we may work our asses off to achieve certain things, we might not get the results we hoped for or that which others are getting. Do not feel like a Pariah! Everything that happens is always toward the right part. Learn from it and move on. Do not prepare less because you are being precarious. Hope for the best and ALWAYS come out stronger.
Have you had a moment like this recently? Feel free to share your experience. 


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