What Do You Think Of Business Cultures In Nigeria? - #NaTheWorkThemDeyDo?

It's been a great month so far. I trust it has been the same for you.

Today we shall discuss basic etiquette for SMEs.
Some businesses and organizations have some staff who are simply clueless. Sometimes it is the business owner who is the clueless one.

Basic mannerisms are essential to the growth and sustenance of any business. It starts with saying the basic words (Please, Excuse me, We apologize, Thank you)

This lack of etiquette business runs everywhere but it is, unfortunately, more common with the growing firms. You probably can't think of any way you have been ruining your business unconsciously with the lack of courtesy.

How about the person who makes an appointment with you, gets there on time while you stroll in an hour later even 10 minutes late without an apology whatsoever,  or an individual talking about ridiculous things (Underwear) with a colleague which could be discussed later right in front a customer who is being attended to? Wait! How about that tailor that tells you your dress or suits would be ready in 2weeks but hasn't even started in 3? The list is endless but I'm sure we all can relate to the few listed.

One unfortunate thing which I believe is the major problem is we have come to accept this act and say "This is Nigeria". When I tell people about these things they say "This is Nigeria babe deal with it. Be doing as if you're not Nigerian". Lol. What that sounds like to me is a lot of people have settled. We are okay with the bad morals, with the terrible way of acting, living, and speaking. Being comfortable is, however, a major cause of our backwardness.

· A simple word of advice is NEVER SETTLE. When you see someone doing the wrong thing, please speak up (Politely of course). The person might actually be ignorant of the right way to go about it.  I always say the government is not our problem. We are.  Speak up. Don't say "Na the work dem dey do" or "This is Nigeria". If Nigerians can't help Nigeria who will?

· Let us learn to respect ourselves, cultivate the right business culture, follow through with our business core values, keep to time and speak politely, Be more interested in quality rather than quantity. The little things we do can and will make a difference.

Sure a lot of you have had such funny experiences with Nigerian businesses.  Please share with us what happened and how you handled it.

I hope you had a good read.

Oluwaseyitan Awojobi


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